Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty Using the Modular Proximal Stem Modified for Asians: Medium-Term Clinical Results and Perioperative Complications

Published:January 03, 2022DOI:



      This study aimed to examine the medium-term clinical and radiological outcomes of revision THA using the S-ROM-A stem, a modification of the S-ROM stem intended for Asians.


      Femoral reconstruction using the S-ROM-A stem was performed in 126 hips that underwent revision THA. All patients were followed for perioperative complications. In addition, clinical and radiographic outcomes at a mean of 8 (range 5-14) years postoperatively were evaluated in 96 hips of 86 patients (76%).


      The most common perioperative complication was a femoral fracture, occurring in 16 hips (13%), including 11 intraoperative and 5 postoperative fractures. Dislocation occurred in five hips (4.0%), infection in three hips (2.4%), and trunnionosis in two hips (1.6%), including late complications. The total second stem revision was performed in two hips while stem only second revision preserving the bone ingrown sleeve was performed in four hips. With a second revision for aseptic loosening as the endpoint, the 13-year stem survival rate was 100%. Hip function as assessed by the Japanese Orthopedic Association score improved from a mean of 48 points preoperatively to 87 points 8 years postoperatively (P < .05). Radiological evaluation at the final follow-up showed that 95 hips (99%) achieved bone ingrowth fixation and one hip (1%) achieved fibrous stable status.


      Revision THA using the S-ROM-A stem resulted in good medium-term outcomes. Although modifications of the stem length and shape may be effective in preventing fractures in Asians with relatively small body sizes, attention should be paid to the occurrence of trunnionosis, which may be associated with the decreased taper size.


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